SCG Synthetic Chamios Grip

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Color: Black
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Croc SCG Tour-Wrap grip is chosen by elite players who want the ultimate in comfort, feel, touch and control.

Favoured by pro tour players because of it's soft tactile non sticky feel and excellent anti-slip qualities in wet and dry conditions. Our specifically engineered SCG synthetic material has been formulated to provide increased grip as it soaks in moisture from hands or the environment. Some players choose to wet their grip prior to play for 100% performance from the first touch.

The Croc SCG is double sided so can be removed and flipped over when worn to reveal a fresh surface.

Unlike most grips out there that are just 1.5m long our NSG Natural Chamios Grip is a whopping 2.3m long to ensure you have enough to overwrap your existing grip to 500mm

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