2024 XLB12 - Anthracite

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Size: 36.5
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 In 2024 we are very excited to introduce a brand new model to the lineup.

Building on our hugely successful LB12 and XLB14 we are excited to introduce the XLB12.

Where the XLB14 has a 14 degree head at 225mm and the LB12 has a 12 degree head at 275mm our all new XLB12 has a 12 degree head at a extra low 250mm and a bow height of 24.5mm. All this technical jargon means is that the XLB12 is the ultimate stick for elite 3D skills.

Still with the same outstanding features present in all our sticks allowing you overhead, spin, inject, trap and hit with ease the XLB12 is truly the next level in stick design for players to take their 3D skills to the next level.

The XLB12 features a 12 degree head, 24.5mm Bow at a Low 275mm

Length: 36.5 inch
Weight: 510g +/-10g
Balance: Point Between 390-400mm

Length: 37.5 inch
Weight: 515 +/-10g
Balance: Point Between 395-405mm

Length: 38.5 inch
Weight: 520 +/-10g
Balance: Point Between 400-410mm


Reverse Toe Angle (RTA) - The innovative (RTA) takes the concept developed by Brent over 20 years ago in the top selling Mason 360 and subsequently adopted by most of the major brands including JDH to the next level. 

Brent has progressed that idea another leap forward with CROC in totally eliminating the rounded head in favour of a Reverse Toe Angle (RTA) design giving exceptional control in fast turning manoeuvres and injections. Providing an increased angle allows the ball to sit securely between the shaft and tow allowing maximum power in the pull phase of your injection or field passes. The increased toe area this provides is essential for those advanced players taking on backhand receives or for those wanting to introduce backhand receives into their game.

Extreme Tomma Edge - We have increased the width of the tomma edge and added extra carbon to provide the ultimate combination of power and forgiveness.

Tapered Head - New materials means we are able to do away with the traditional ‘bulbous head’ and introduce our Tapered Head to allow players of all levels to easily get under the ball when executing overheads and 3D play.

Extra Thick Handle - Straight out of the mould we have increased the diameter of the handle so you won't be upsetting the weight by wrapping excess layers of grip. The thicket handle maintains a consistent diameter extending further down the shaft before widening out to the hitting surface. This not only provides greater handle length to get your bottom hand down closer to the ball but allows for easier rotation in the bottom hand when dribbling for ultimate control.

Maximum Width Shaft provides greater surface area in the hitting and trapping zone. Hockey sticks are allowed to be 51mm wide so why arn't all sticks as wide as possible? It's amazing how may sticks on the market are under their allowable size. it stands to reason the wider the stick the more traps and hits you will make cleanly, so we maximised the face with to maximise the performance.

Peaked Spine - drawing from 150 years of inspiration in cricket bats we have introduced the Peaked Spine to the Hockey Stick. The triangle is the ultimate shape for strength and when used as a truss design as we have done it provides the ultimate stiffness right in the centre of the shaft where you need it.  

Textured Face Control Zone - A slight texture on the hook face provides extra control and grip on the ball right where you need it.

CKC - Carbon Kevlar Construction, 98% carbon 2% Kevlar construction for an extra stiff hard hitting professional standard stick.

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